World Cup Singer Claudia Leitte Studies English at Kaplan

Have you been watching the World Cup? The Brazilian music star Cláudia Leitte, who sang the World Cup anthem, is also a star in Kaplan’s English classroom in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Students at the Southern California school were surprised and delighted to see this star of Brazilian music sitting in the classroom with them. The charismatic thirty-three year old star seems to be a serious student and is determined to learn English. According to her classmates, she never misses a class and to the delight of her teachers, refuses to speak in Portuguese with Brazilian students.

As an ambassador for the world cup, speaking English fluently allows her to better represent the music she performed with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. According to Cláudia herself, language is a very important communication tool. She said that there is a huge need for people to communicate and to be understood because we live in a globalized world. She feels that “communication is the key to everything.” I agree. Communication bridges all gaps.

Learn English Underwater With Kaplan!

Our friends at Kaplan International have done it again. Their educational research and development department, located in London, have discovered what I believe will be the next trend in the language teaching industry – underwater classes. According to the findings of Professor Martinhoff, the head of Kaplan’s research department, studying underwater can boost a student’s learning ability by almost 60%. Dr. Martinhoff conducted research with a group of students in a swimming pool at the Kaplan Torquay campus. One student from Colombia said that the underwater class improved her ability to think in English, and another student reported the ease of fluency he experienced was beyond his expectations.

Registration for this unique, underwater course begins on April 1, 2014. I personally think this program will sell out quickly, so don’t delay. For complete information and to register, please visit Kaplan International and learn more about their Underwater English Program. Courses will be held in Kaplan’s special underwater campuses off the coasts of the USA, Australia and the UK.

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