Learn English Underwater With Kaplan!

Our friends at Kaplan International have done it again. Their educational research and development department, located in London, have discovered what I believe will be the next trend in the language teaching industry – underwater classes. According to the findings of Professor Martinhoff, the head of Kaplan’s research department, studying underwater can boost a student’s learning ability by almost 60%. Dr. Martinhoff conducted research with a group of students in a swimming pool at the Kaplan Torquay campus. One student from Colombia said that the underwater class improved her ability to think in English, and another student reported the ease of fluency he experienced was beyond his expectations.

Registration for this unique, underwater course begins on April 1, 2014. I personally think this program will sell out quickly, so don’t delay. For complete information and to register, please visit Kaplan International and learn more about their Underwater English Program. Courses will be held in Kaplan’s special underwater campuses off the coasts of the USA, Australia and the UK.

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Have you ever seen such big snowflakes?

We’ve had a lot of snow this year in New York, and today is another snowstorm. I’ve never see such big snowflakes before…so I thought I would share them with you!



Juniors can learn English with Kaplan at the Roedean school in Brighton!

Juniors can learn English with Kaplan at the Roedean school in Brighton!

Brighton is a great place for Young Learners to study English

For many young learners of English, Brighton has always been a popular destination. Now, it’s even better. Kaplan International will relocate its Brighton Young Learner program to the prestigious Roedean Independent School from Summer 2014. The Roedean School has a beautiful cliff top setting within easy reach of the vibrant Brighton town. Kaplan’s English school in Brighton will offer fantastic facilities in the safe environment expected of one of the leading independent schools in the UK. For true summer enjoyment, the beach is just a few minutes away from the Kaplan center!

Young students studying with Kaplan there can enjoy outstanding sports, arts and classroom facilities. The beautifully refurbished accommodation feature homey comfortable rooms and communal spaces that are of the highest quality. Of course parents and students alike can rest assured that Kaplan’s onsite team will be there to ensure the young learners feel welcome and secure in this outstanding location. Students can then focus on making friends from around the world while furthering their ability to communicate in the English language.

These young learner programs are created for students between the ages of 12 and 18 and are a well-planned balance of classroom and non-classroom based learning in an English-speaking environment. Kaplan’s unique K+Teens academic program, delivered by their friendly team of experienced teachers ensures that students’ language skills improve as their confidence builds. In addition, Young Learners can also participate in a well-rounded social program and enjoy their UK Kaplan experience from beginning to end while creating memories to last a lifetime.