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Hi Everyone!
The new website and learn English podcast service is cooking along!
With my podcast English Lessons you can learn English idioms, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and…practice your listening skills. Plus have interactive conversation with other listeners. Join the lessons! Just visit myhappyenglish.com

How To Improve Your Listening – English Lesson


I like practical advice. Let me give you an example. A week ago I was having dinner at a restaurant that I’ve been going to for a long time. I was talking with one of the waiters and I noticed that he looked thinner. So I asked, and he said he had lost 10kg. When I asked him how he did that, he said simply, “Eat less, move more.” Beautiful! So what does that have to do with improving your listening?  A lot. It’s practical advice and today, I’m going to share some practical advice with you about listening skills in English. If you want to improve your listening, you need to listen to English everyday. And, my loyal readers, I have found an amazing new resource that can help you do that.

All Ears English is a new podcast for helping students improve their English listening skills. They provide fun and natural English conversation to help you immerse yourself in the language four times a week. All Ears English explores life in the United States and American English idioms, expressions, and vocabulary words. They also provide inspiration and advice to keep you on track and motivated with your English goals. You can listen to All Ears English on iTunes or on Stitcher Radio for Android. As the hosts, Lindsay and Gabby say, “Put your ears into English!”

This podcast has natural American English, and your hosts will help you have fun while improving your skills. And above all, you can hear me as I join Lindsay and Gabby on the January 20 Podcast (AEE 46) to talk about New York Slang. Check it out here:

English Listening Challenge: Lost (The Answer)


Here is the answer to yesterday’s English listening challenge from the hit TV series Lost

Hurley:”Was it a dinosaur?”
Jack:”It wasn’t a dinosaur.”
Hurley:”So you didn’t see it?”
Jack:”I didn’t.”
Hurley:”So how do you know it wasn’t a dinosaur?”
Jack:”Because dinosaurs are extinct.”
Hurley:”Oh. Yeah.”

How did you do? If you know anyone who wants to practice their English listening, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them.

Thanks for studying today! I’ll post more lessons and listening challenges later today :)

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