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Happy English moved to the 6th Floor at 275 Madison Ave. Here’s a look at the new place.IMG_4867

Free iPhone/iPad App – Learn 109 Phrasal Verbs

Special Announcement! There is now a FREE version of the 109 Phrasal Verb App. That right FREE!
At the iTunes store

This app includes 109 of the most practical and useful phrasal verbs in English with audio lessons. You can study, drill, take quizzes, and play our exciting hangman game to test your knowledge of this set of phrasal verbs. And now it’s free!

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STUDY Section: Here, you can learn the phrasal verbs, listen to Michael’s lesson, and then rate each as “read,” “studied,” or “mastered” into groups. You will study the definition of each phrasal verb, how to use the phrasal verb, the structure showing the grammar pattern of the phrasal verb, example sentences to see how the phrasal verb is used in context, and a practice question to give you the chance to use the phrasal verb.

DRILL Section: You can drill one of five different groups of phrasal verbs including the “read,” “studied,” or”mastered” groups, the unread group, or all 109 phrasal verbs.

BROWSE Section: You can view a list of all of the phrasal verbs, update the ratings, or go back to the study page.

QUIZ Section gives you the chance to take a quiz on one of your groups or all 109 phrasal verbs.

The HANGMAN game gives a fun and challenging way to test your knowledge of what you studied.

A phrasal verb is a verb + preposition that we use as an idiom. Phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday, conversational English. It is more natural to say, “Please put out your cigarette,” than “Please extinguish your cigarette.” Some examples of phrasal verbs are: call off, calm down, drag on, drop off, figure out, fill out, give in, hang out, kick off, look into, make up, pick up, put off, run into, show up, take off, think up, try on, turn on, work out, etc. Get English, Get Happy. Happy English!

Get it here
If you like it (or not), please review it! Thanks for your support…and enjoy!!!

Happy English On Facebook Reaches 80,000 Fans!

Happy English reaches 80,000 facebook fans!

80,000 Facebook Fans for Happy English!

Here is some amazing news from the language school social media world! Today, the Happy English! Facebook Fan Page achieved the 80,000 fan mark! On Facebook, Happy English! provides free,  daily updates with English lessons for students around the world. Happy English is one of the fastest growing English Language School Facebook Fan pages in the world.  What a happy day for Happy English!

Thanks everyone for studying with Happy English!