English Idiom Goof Off! From Happy English NY

Are you a goof off? Do you know someone who is a goof off? If you are a goof off, you are not serious about your work, or lazy, or more interested in playing than working. In this case, goof off is used as a noun.

     -She used to be a goof off in high school, but became a serious student when she go to college
     -Frank is such a goof off. He never finishes his work on time.

We can also use goof off as a verb and it has the same meaning. For example:

     -Angela got fired from her job because she goofed off all time and missed a lot of deadlines.
     -If you keep goofing off, you won’t get into a good university. Turn off the XBOX and go do your homework!

Do you know someone who is a goof off? Did you goof off in high school? Leave us a comment here!

English Idiom Use Your Head! From Happy English NY


use your head? We often use the expression “use [someone’s] head” to mean “think” or “have common sense.” It is often used as a command, like this:

     -Don’t use that hair dryer while you are in the bath, Jane. Use your head!
     -Stop playing near those horses! Use your heads, kids!

We can also put the expression in a sentence like this:

     -Jerry wasn’t using his head when he took his girlfriend to a café downtown. His wife’s sister saw them.
     -You need to use your head around the kitchen so you don’t hurt yourself.

Do you need to tell someone to use their head? Have you told this to someone recently? Leave us a comment and let us know!

English Idiom “Spring Fever” From Happy English NY

Do you have spring fever? A lot of people get spring fever this time of year. But don’t worry, you don’t need to go the doctor if you get spring fever. If you have spring fever, it means that because of a nice warm and usually sunny spring day, you don’t feel like working or studying. You find it hard to concentrate on your work, and you may even not go to school or work that day. Or you may leave school or work early. I always get spring fever. I love the warm weather and love how it sometimes makes my mind drift….
Do you have spring fever? Do you know someone who does?