Learn English in Lovely London and some London Slang

Have you been to London? It’s a major city in Europe and the center for a lot of history and culture. Our friends over at Kaplan checked in with their students to find which attractions in this exciting city are their favorites. Now, you can learn what to do in London.

To get you in the mood, I’ve put together some London slang. Check it out!

Ace means awesome, So you can say, my first trip on the tube was ace!

Barmy means crazy or nuts. He was barmy not to visit Buckingham Palace when he was in London.

Belt up means to shut up or stop talking. I told those kids several times to belt up.

Cock up means a mistake. I cocked up the tube and ended up on the wrong side of town.

Diddle means to cheat someone. When you buy something from a street venter, make sure you don’t get diddled.

Gobsmacked means to be amazed. I was gobsmacked when I saw the Big Ben for the first time.

Knackered means very tired. Walking all around London can make you a knackered tourist.

Pissed means angry in American English, but in London, it means drunk. I got pissed at the pub last night.

Tube is the subway. The tube is the best way to get around the city.

Learn more about this exciting city by visiting our friends at Kaplan International.

World Cup Singer Claudia Leitte Studies English at Kaplan

Have you been watching the World Cup? The Brazilian music star Cláudia Leitte, who sang the World Cup anthem, is also a star in Kaplan’s English classroom in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Students at the Southern California school were surprised and delighted to see this star of Brazilian music sitting in the classroom with them. The charismatic thirty-three year old star seems to be a serious student and is determined to learn English. According to her classmates, she never misses a class and to the delight of her teachers, refuses to speak in Portuguese with Brazilian students.

As an ambassador for the world cup, speaking English fluently allows her to better represent the music she performed with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. According to Cláudia herself, language is a very important communication tool. She said that there is a huge need for people to communicate and to be understood because we live in a globalized world. She feels that “communication is the key to everything.” I agree. Communication bridges all gaps.

Happy English Podcast is Up and Running!

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