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Hi! I’m Michael DiGiacomo and I started Happy English in 2010. I am an English instructor with over 20 years experience helping people just like you improve their English. New York is a diverse, multicultural, and exciting place to live. When you have the confidence to communicate, you can really enjoy living here and make the most of your experience. Happy English was started to provide you with the opportunity to learn practical English language skills and build speaking confidence. My English tutoring is ideal for language students, homemakers, and business professionals who want to brush-up their English. I also offer free one-point English lessons on my Free English Lesson Blog and on the Happy English facebook fan page.

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What Students Say

I had such a great time studying with Michael. He encouraged me to write and speak English naturally. A good thing was that he always showed me to think in an American English perspective. Thank you very much!
Seika, Japan
One of the good things studying with Michael was I could learn and use practical English. Writing daily journals and learning practical English words and expressions made me speak and write more naturally.
Young Ah, South Korea
During this month in the USA I improved my skills and learned more of English thanks to Michael’s teaching ways. They allow you to learn faster and to memorize more things. Thank you very much Michael from your Sicilian student!
Marco, Italy
I like to study with Michael. He teaches me how to speak in a natural way. Michael has a lot of patience to teach English and helps me a lot.
Kenichi, Japan
Michael reviews my progress to see I am improving. He has a good radar to catch foreign speaking. He is a wonderful teacher and I recommend him to anybody who wants to learn English. My English is Happy!
Flavio, Brazil
I studied with Michael for 6 months. When I was lost in English studying, he counseled and advised me how to study English. He encouraged me to study English happily~!!
Yukie, Japan