One Point English Preposition Lesson: Arrive In At On By With

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The train arrived in Tokyo on time!

The train arrived in Tokyo

We use arrive with several different prepositions. Let’s have a look at these today.

We use arrive in + country, city, town, village, etc (geographic location)

  • The train arrived in New York City at 4:00
  • I arrived in Japan in October
  • Jack and I arrived in Soho at the same time.

We use arrive at + shop, room, site, building, event, etc

  • The train arrived at Grand Central Station at 4:00
  • I arrived at the party a half hour late.
  • Jack and I arrived at the café at the same time.

We use also use arrive at and arrive on/in + time

  • The train arrived at 4:00.
  • I arrived on Monday.
  • Jack and I arrived in October.

We use also use arrive by + train, bus, car, taxi, etc…(method of transportation)

  • They arrived by train.
  • I arrived by taxi.
  • Jack and I arrived by bus.

We use also use arrive with + person / thing

  • I arrived with Jane.
  • Jack arrived with presents for everyone.

Can you think of another preposition that works with arrive? Leave a message here and let me know.

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  • nasreen

    V nice and usefull

    • Michael

      Thanks Nasreen. I’m happy to hear that :)

  • Ana

    Hi, Michael.

    Could you please tell me if this same ‘rule’ applies for ‘turn up’?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Michael

      Ana, Thanks for asking. “Turn up” is a phrasal verb meaning “arrive.” We don’t usually change the preposition associated with phrasal verbs.

      • Ana

        Hey, Michael. Thanks for answering!

        What about the next prepositions? Those ones related with arrive: at, on, in, with? Should I use the phrasal verb plus one of them in the same way I do with arrive?

        Thanks, again!